Deep Disinfecting Cleaning

Residential Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning

It is now, more than ever, important to clean and disinfect surfaces and pay extra attention to high
touch point areas in your house and commercial spaces. Creating a clean and healthy Home or office has
always been and still is our top priority.

Deep Cleaning and disinfecting an area can guarantee a clean place and peace of mind to home owners
and workers that are coming back to work or after a person was sick.

Coronavirus [Covid-19], as we all know is an evolving situation and we want to reassure you that Olivia’s
Cleaning services is here for you. Now more than ever we understand and feel that our services are
necessary and important for both our residential and commercial clients.

Professional cleaning, and disinfecting, is an important step you can take to protect your home and
office. At this moment our clients are overwhelmed with working from home, children home from
school and trying to keep them engaged and dealing with the anxieties this situation has brought, at the
same time staying indoors for the most part. Without professional cleaning services to clean and
disinfect, homes are becoming breeding places for more than COVD-19 also bacteria and germs.

When you feel ready please call us in for a deep cleaning service that will include disinfection services.
We continue to work because of clients who have physical and mental limitations those who, especially
need us to help them clean because of their allergies, asthma, and other health conditions still need our
help at this time. It is hard to expect right now, for people without training and experience to properly
disinfect with cleaning supplies they cannot find. We find that our services are not only essential for
commercial spaces also for residential clients.

Our years of training and expertise make us a necessary part of combating this pandemic.
We have added, to our safety protocols of –

  • wearing gloves from the car and changing them as needed until the job is done wash our hands
    or use sanitizer when done with the cleaning,
  • we have added shoe covers
  • masks
  • including google and gowns are necessary in places where someone has or is suspected to have
  • reduced the number of people in a team to not more than 3 people for social distancing

Chemicals for Disinfecting we are using EPA approved disinfectants Virex and for those who are used to
ecofriendly cleaning Envirox

EPA approved chemical list
https://www.epa.gov/pesticide-registration/list-n-disinfectants-use-against-sars-cov2?fbclid=IwAR2zxZD37FRm71OA-ZJgHplE38dWIha6PYvTftYYlD_I1LxY313XJ3Ke65EAnd following
recommended cleaning procedures.

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It is important to understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning effectively is
basically removing germs but not killing the germs. It is IMPORTANT to clean first to get rid of germs and
dirt to not reduce the disinfectants cleaner’s ability.

Disinfecting: basically, kills the germs. Done CORRECTLY, will kill microscopic organisms when used
properly. It is important to read labels and follow instructions. Also read the label and confirm that it
kills viruses not just bacteria and fungi. Most IMPORTANT is the dwell time recommended by the


After 10 years of cleaning mostly providing residential cleaning services, we decided to expand our
commercial accounts and within the last 3 years started Superior Commercial Cleaning, because of this
decision, our cleaning chemicals changed to hospital grade cleaners for their sanitizing and disinfecting
ability. We also got trained and certified in Blood borne pathogen cleaning which part of the training
was cleaning up due to transmissible diseases also using proper protective equipment when performing
these types of cleaning.

Residential clients without confirmed or suspected cases, gloves and shoe covers are what we are using.
Masks are also been worn at client’s request. Also, as always, we are not sharing rags from house to
house. We are also disinfecting all equipment between houses. Your health and safety, our health and
safety remain important to us.

Commercial Clients, we are using gloves, masks and shoe covers, not sharing rags, Disinfecting
equipment after we are done.

Confirmed/Suspected cases cleaning We are also asking that if you have a confirmed or suspected case
you please tell us. This cleaning has different cleaning procedures, disposal procedures that have too be
followed and protective gear worn [hazmat suite]

High Touch Point Areas

  • This are areas that many people touch a lot and leave fingerprints
  • Doors and doorknobs
  • Light switches
  • Remotes
  • Drawer handles/pulls
  • Toilet, Faucet handles
  • Refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher handles
  • Tables, desks
  • Chairs
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Railing/Banisters

Please understand nobody can guarantee to kill COVID-19 what we can do is help you in the cleaning
and disinfection through this evolving situation which Is giving many peace of mind

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