Garage and Basement Cleaning Services

We’ll Organize Clutter and Clean Your Space

Garages, attics and basements tend to be the most cluttered areas of people’s houses, and as a result it can be especially difficult to clean.

If you are looking for basement cleaners, or getting your garage cleaned in the St louis area, Olivia’s Cleaning Services has the professional knowledge to help you with however much of your garage, attic or basement you need cleaned. Some of the services our cleaning experts provide include:

  • ​Remove all items to clean the space
  • Clear away all cobwebs
  • Brush down the walls
  • Wash inside and outside of any cabinets and shelving
  • Sweep floor
  • With the home owner, sort out what stays, donated or thrown 
  • Clean any furniture or appliances
  • Organize and put back all items

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