Residential Cleaning Checklist

Read Our Cleaning Checklist to Find Out How Thorough We Are


Sanitize counters – move everything ✓
Spot clean fronts of cabinets ✓
Wipe down kitchen table and chairs (chairs uniform around table) ✓
Wipe down exterior of dishwasher ✓
Clean inside/outside of microwave ✓
Clean outside of stove top/trays/knobs ✓
Wipe down exterior oven and glass (inside upon request) ✓
Clean and polish oven hood (top and under) ✓
Wipe windowsills ✓
Clean window as needed ✓
Empty garbage ✓
Spot clean front, top and sides of fridge (interior upon request) ✓
Wipe down small appliances ✓
Vacuum rugs and floors ✓
Floors vacuumed and mopped (checking for debris/cobwebs under counters) ✓
Clean light fixtures (in place) ✓
If less than 5 dishes in sink, load into dishwasher ✓
Check that chrome is dry/streak free ✓
Fold towels squarely ✓
Scrub/disinfect sink/drain (clean soap dispenser) ​✓

Foyer, Living, Family, Dining, Office Bedrooms, & Other (Dry) Rooms

Spot clean doors, jambs, knobs, and hinges ✓
Cobweb check behind each door & under blinds/curtains ✓
Wipe window sills and tracks ✓
Sanitize light switches and surrounding area ✓
Spot check windows/sliders ✓
Floors vacuumed (under bed if possible) and cleaned ✓
Dust objects/nick-knacks/pictures ✓
Remove garbage ✓
Lamps and shades dusted ✓
Upholstery vacuumed ✓
Clean mirrors ✓
Polish wood ✓
Dust fans/light fixtures ✓
Shake out/vacuum rugs ✓
Dust baseboards ✓
Check under cushions and rotate ✓
Plump & straighten pillows ✓
Dust blinds (both sides & under) ✓
Straighten books & magazines ✓
Change bedsheets (if new ones are left out) ​✓


Sanitize counters and clean soap dish/container ✓
Scrub tub/shower- floor, walls, tracks, and grout -dry ✓
Shine glass ✓
Scrub and sanitize all surfaces of toilet and dry toilet seat (close lid) ✓
Polish chrome ✓
Clean light fixture ✓
Polish mirrors ✓
Dust and replace nick-knacks ✓
Empty garbage ✓
Tidy towel racks/dust shelves ✓
Clean toilet paper dispenser & fold paper ✓
Clean floors by hand ✓
Clean door ✓
Dust baseboards ✓

Laundry Room/Utility Room

Wipe down washer/dryer ✓
Clean sinks/scrub counters ✓
Wipe cabinets/dust shelves ✓
Check for cobwebs ✓
Dust blinds and window sills ✓
Dust baseboards ✓
Spot check door ✓
Clean light switch ✓
Clean door(s) ​✓


​Wipe down rails ✓
Dust blinds and window sills ✓
Check for cobwebs ✓
Dust baseboards ✓
Vacuum or wipe down stairs ✓
Spot clean walls ​✓


​Retrieve all cleaning supplies ✓
Lights off ✓
Check air conditioning/heat if applicable ✓
Close & lock doors and windows if applicable ✓
Set Alarm if applicable ​✓

Extras (Just Let Us Know)

Clean inside and organize fridge ✓
Clean inside of the oven ✓
Wash, dry, and fold laundry ✓
Wet wipe all Wood work baseboards, doors, crown molding ​✓